As a veteran technology leader in higher education, I could not begin to count the hours that I have spent either on the phone or in person with hardware and software suppliers negotiating (occasionally begging) for better prices for hardware and software. Every higher educational institution that I have served over the past 26 years has had some initiative to cut costs and improve efficiency. Over the past 5 years though, it has been much like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, trying different approaches to providing services. Over the past 3 years in our work building a consortium of private colleges and universities (the Higher Education Systems and Services Consortium- HESS) and now leading the technology contracts category for E&I Cooperative Services, I have realized that it is not always WHAT we are buying but HOW higher educational technology organizations are buying that is the core challenge.

Everything you need to know about cloud technologies (the basics) in under 6 minutes so that you can communicate the basics with our members on our E&I cloud services contracts.

Keith Fowlkes